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Smile Restorations in Marshall, TX

Few people have perfect dental health. While that is the ultimate goal at Marshall Denture and Dental Clinic, your Marshall, TX offers a wide range of restorative dental services that bring teeth, gums and bone back to full health if injury, decay and disease occur.

Dr. Parker delivers cutting edge dental work

Dr. Charles A. Parker, Marshall, TX dentist, has dedicated his well-respected practice to bringing his community the finest dental services available. As a member of the East Texas Dental Society and the American Dental Association, Dr. Parker keeps his skills current and his passion for comfortable, precise patient care utmost on his mind.

He offers everything from tooth-colored colored fillings and extractions to pain-free root canal therapy and full-mouth reconstruction. Here is just some of the restorative work Dr. Parker and his staff accomplish to bring smiles to outstanding health, appearance and function.

Crowns and bridgework

When teeth are failing or need replacement, Dr. Parker offers porcelain, gold and porcelain and metal alloy crowns, crafted and placed to cover completely teeth compromised by large fillings, extensive decay or injury. Dr. Parker’s technologically advanced techniques ensure tooth replacement that looks, fits and bites as close to the real thing as possible and always considers the patient’s preferences and budget, too.

For gaps created by missing teeth, Dr. Parker offers customized bridgework--replacement of one, 2 or more teeth in a row. Anchored by crowns cemented to neighboring teeth, bridgework allows for normal speech, chewing, biting and appearance.


A traditional way to replace several teeth or even a full arch, dentures give patients a natural, youthful appearance and normalized oral function, too. Dr. Parker is expert in crafting dentures of all sizes and types, including:

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Dental implants

Truly the best tooth replacement option, the dental implant made of a titanium screw, surgically placed into the jaw, a metal extension post and a porcelain crown. Unlike more conventional tooth replacements, implants meld to the jaw bone through osseointegration. This natural process creates a sturdy foundation for the device. Implants exercise the jaw bone so it retains its natural shape and density.

Your Marshall, TX dentist examines each patient to determine if dental implants are appropriate for their oral health situation. When placed, dental implants can last a lifetime with proper in-home and in-office dental hygiene.

Your dental health is in good hands

Learn more about restorative dental services when you make an appointment at Marshall Denture and Dental Clinic. Whatever your smile needs, you can receive it from Dr. Parker and his capable staff. Contact the office for your personal consultation.

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