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Why Bone Grafting is Important Before Getting Dental Implants

March 13, 2018

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smiling mature manOn this site, we spend a lot of time talking about the merits of dental implants in Marshall, how they’re able to bring back any number of missing teeth and make even the most compromised smile look like new again. Today, however, we’re going to touch on a procedure many patients need in order to actually get them: bone grafting. For many, bone grafting is the first step towards a renewed smile. What is it? How does it work? Why would a person need it? Today, we’re going to answer all of these questions and more. (more…)

Discover the Curious History of Dental Implants

December 5, 2017

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history Right now, if you’re missing a tooth, a dentist can literally use a dental implant to rebuild it from the root up. It’ll look indistinguishable from your other teeth, and it can be trusted to last for over 30 years. Pretty amazing, right? Of course, dental implants weren’t always this way. As with anything in dentistry, the journey to where we are now is a long and winding road, one that starts in China and takes detours through ancient Egypt, the Mayan culture, and even…rabbits? Read on to learn more about the curious history of dental implants! (more…)

How to Keep Your Holiday Smile Bright with Your Dentist

November 27, 2017

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holiday smileThe holidays are just around the corner, and that means there will soon be gifts to buy, trips to plan, and parties to attend. This festive time of year is often an exercise in coordination, and just one small hiccup can easily throw everything off. You know what one of the most common ones is? Dental problems. Nothing takes the excitement out of a holiday meal quite like a toothache, so to make sure your smile is ready for all the merriment to come, here are 3 easy holiday tips from your dentist. (more…)

What is Causing Your Orofacial Pain in Marshall?

November 3, 2017

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woman with sore jawYou may not be familiar with the term “orofacial pain,” but you might be well acquainted with the sensation. Orofacial pain is a general term that refers to pain in the mouth, jaw, and face, and it’s one of the most common symptoms people experience around the country. While orofacial pain can have many causes, over 95% of the time, it’s actually due to something dental-related. How does this work? Today, we reveal the most common causes of orofacial pain in Marshall and what you can do about them. (more…)

Can People with Osteoporosis Get Dental Implants?

October 19, 2017

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osteoporosisOsteoporosis is a very common condition that causes the bones to gradually weaken over time, and it’s especially prevalent in post-menopausal women. In many cases, it can cause the jawbone to become very thin and brittle, which can make a person much more likely to experience tooth loss over time. Dental implants are often used to restore missing teeth because they are the only treatment that rebuilds the entire structure of a tooth, but in order to get them, a patient must have an adequate amount of strong, healthy jawbone to support the prosthetic root. Does having osteoporosis mean that a patient is automatically ineligible to get dental implants? A recent study published in the Journal of Oral Implantology says otherwise. (more…)

Will You Need Sinus Surgery for Dental Implants?

October 5, 2017

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image of the sinusesIf you’ve been dealing with missing teeth for years, dental implants probably sound like the ideal solution, as they are able to resemble a natural tooth in almost every way possible. For many patients, the process is as simple as finding an implant dentist and saying they’d like to replace their missing teeth. For others, a little prep work may be necessary. See, dental implants actually require a patient to have an adequate amount of healthy jawbone to support them, and a patient who has been missing teeth for a long time may have one that is too thin or brittle. Fortunately, dentists can now build up the jawbone with a variety of bone grafting procedures. Today, we’re going to discuss one of the most common: sinus surgery. This particular treatment is used to help those patients who are hoping to replace their missing teeth toward the back of their upper jaw. Will you need it to get dental implants? Read on to learn more. (more…)

Guided Bone and Tissue Regeneration for Dental Implants

September 23, 2017

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lower jawOne of the most basic requirements a patient must have in order to get dental implants to replace their missing teeth is a strong and healthy jawbone. However, people who have been missing teeth for a long time often do not have this, as bone degeneration is a common occurrence after tooth loss. Fortunately, techniques known as guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR) can be used to change this, enabling a dentist to help even more people complete their smile. (more…)

Implant-Supported Dentures: What Are Your Options?

August 27, 2017

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happy older coupleWhen it comes to replacing your missing teeth, like everything else in life these days, you have plenty of choices. Today, more and more dentists and patients are choosing to rebuild smiles using implant-supported dentures because they provide a security and longevity that simply can’t be matched by a typical prosthetic. Of course, implant-supported dentures are not one-size-fits-all. There are a few distinct types, and each one has their own qualities that might make them perfect for an individual’s smile. Which one is right for you? Today, we discuss each kind so you can better understand your choices. (more…)

Taking Care of Your Dentures in Marshall, TX

August 21, 2017

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dentures in Marshall, TX

Dentures can be such a blessing. They allow you to eat a wide variety of foods, they give you a beautiful smile and they can give you the confidence you need to fully engage in life, both socially and professionally. With all of this going for you, the importance of properly caring for and maintaining your dentures cannot be overstated. Dr. Charlie Parker and his staff at Marshall Denture Clinic want your dentures to always look their best. Read on to find out more about the important services we provide, which include relining, rebasing and eventual replacement.


Change Your Life with Implant-Supported Dentures

August 14, 2017

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happy older manYou’re sitting at dinner with your family, and you have so much to say. Your grandchild has just started high school, and you can tell they are a little overwhelmed by everything. You just want to let them know that everything is going to be alright and that they shouldn’t take anything except their studies too seriously. You’d love to reassure them, but you can’t because you have to chew your food extremely slowly due to your dentures. They’ve started slipping and sliding a lot lately, and the last thing you want is for them to unexpectedly fall out of your mouth in front of everyone. You know you could help, but your dentures are holding you back.

Have you ever had an experience like this where your dentures limited your ability to speak or eat? If so, you’re like millions of other Americans who are in need of a better denture. Fortunately, modern-day dentistry has stepped up to the challenge and developed a solution called implant-supported dentures, which offer a security and strength unmatched by any other dental prosthetic. (more…)

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